Backtrackin' Pink Floyd tribute band - Athens/GR


"...Backtrackin’ - talented, extremely tight and detailed - did exactly what they were supposed to: Enormously approaching the Floyd sound, they covered a wide range of the PF discography, including a special part of songs by the magician Barrett, and hit the stage for over 3 hours – or maybe more? I cannot tell for sure, the time was lost, and all we were lost in time!"

(Oct 13th 2013 - Anna Gika,

"…Backtrackin’ performed the entire “Dark Side of the Moon” album. Their performance was very well prepared and included also many optical effects. The band did not any particular changes to the songs (well done!) and in the next 40 minutes they put the audience into a trip under PF’s music!

All in all, they had an excellent performance!"

(Nov. 1st 2013, Lefteris Statharas,

"The band presented a tribute to Pink Floyd, where the greatest part of the setlist came from the first period of the band. They performed “Arnold Layne” (first Pink Floyd single ever!), and also the entire “Dark Side of the Moon” album. They also performed songs from later albums as “Wish you were here” and “Animals”. However, they are definitely more after that earlier, significant sound of the band, which was more psychedelic than on their later albums.

...This project is a very hard one! To me, it’s highly important that a band dares to approach that difficult, special sound of Pink Floyd, and to bring it in front of an audience! To my opinion they did it gracefully and I felt that they shared with us their passion for Pink Floyd. Kudos to them!!!"

(Dec.  2013, Alexandra del Lago, Imaginistas radio)