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 60's/70's Pink Floyd Tribute Band    -   Athens / Greece.

Backtrackin' is an Athens/Greece based rock band, formed in 1995. Since 2012, and following a childhood's dream, they perform exclusively as a Pink Floyd tribute band.

Acting as a pure 4-man band, their main cover areas are the 60's and 70's periods of PF. Backtrackin' put most of their effort to the exact sound and feel of each era. Their shows go way over 3 hours length, and always feature a specialty, as performance of complete albums (up to 3 within the same gig!), timeline presentations, etc.

Disclaimer: Backtrackin' obviously do not own any copyright of the music they perform and do NOT do this for a living - they just play the music of Pink Floyd just because they simply like to! 

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- Nov 26th: Rehearsals planning for the gig at 22nd December in Architecture Rock Stage, Zografou area, Athens.

- Oct 10th: The band is rehearsing for the first gig of the new season, this Saturday oct. 13th at Lazy Club, Vrilissia/ATH

- Sep 15th. 10 years today without Rick Wright!

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 Backtrackin' Live at the 2015 Matala/Crete Beach Festival!


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- December 22nd 2018: Architecture Rock Cafe, Zografou/ATH

- January 26th 2019: Tribute bands festival, Hoxton, ATH/Gazi

- February 16th 2019 Lazy Club Vrilissia/ATH


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